Free Day of Yoga

Saturday Nov 24th, 2018

Free Day of Yoga

Saturday November 24th, 2018

Just breathe – everything else is optional.

Come practice the original hot yoga with us! Our two studios, located in Providence and Bristol, specialize in Bikram method yoga. This is a therapeutic yoga practice of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises done in a heated room. The practice is designed to balance every system in your body and create optimal health and wellness. Our mission is to share our passion for Bikram yoga and guide you in your hot yoga journey.

Every one of our classes is designed with beginners in mind. There’s no experience or flexibility required, and we give step by step directions for every posture. It’s okay if you’re a little out of shape or you’ve never done yoga before. We’ll be there to support you every step of the way. Come try something new, join our supportive community, and discover how wonderful your body and mind can feel!

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Real People, Real Results

Carol G.

“In 1999 I had ACL replacement that removed 1/3 of my quadriceps muscle. It left me unable to stoop all the way down, even holding on. Well, 18 years and a few months of hot yoga later, I am working in the garden. I see some black spot on rose leaves near the ground and stooped down and clipped them off, then stood up without the slightest falter in my balance or pain in my knee! My brain just knew my body could do it and, like in the olden days, I just did it without thinking!!! I am SO impressed; I don’t even care if my neighbors witnessed my whooping happy dance!”

Dan B.

“Following a very serious leg injury requiring three operations and years of physical therapy, I still needed something to help both my body and my mind to heal. The changes have been amazing and the work, while hard, somehow keeps drawing me back to the hot room. I used to describe my trying to get into bow pose as an octopus having a seizure. Having recently seen a picture of myself in bow, I keep wondering who exactly that person is. After six years I continually find myself breaking new ground in a pose, most recently getting into standing head to knee with each leg. I wonder what the next six years will bring.”

Satomi S.

“I had herniated disc surgery about 2 years ago which stopped me from being active and playing sports, and my back had gotten even tighter and more painful after a long flight earlier this year. During my first class, I felt all the poses were so hard for me and I felt a bit dizzy with the heat, but I stayed in and kept drinking water. When the class was over, I felt great and very refreshed, just like when I used to play sports. I’ve been practicing a little over 6 months now, and I feel I am getting my life back. I can do all the things that I once gave up, such as jogging, biking, playing tennis, paddle boarding and gardening. I am so happy to do these activities again!”

Costa Rica Retreat

Take your yoga on vacation with us! Join us at the Pura Vida Spa in Costa Rica this November for the trip of a lifetime. Practice yoga, eat great food, relax, unwind, and return home feeling completely replenished.

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Meet Our Team

Every time you walk into the studio, you will be greeted by a smiling, happy face! Our teachers are passionate about yoga and will lead you through class with skill and compassion. Our teachers came to yoga through many different paths, and each teacher will help you understand a different aspect of your yoga practice – on or off the mat.

Don’t wait around for “some day,” eventually, in the future – get started today and feel amazing tomorrow!

Click here to get your first 3 weeks for just $29

Don’t wait around for “some day,” eventually, in the future – get started today and feel amazing tomorrow!

Click here to get your first 3 weeks for just $29