Hot Yoga Classes

We teach the original method of Bikram yoga, which is a therapeutic sequence of 26 poses and 2 breathing exercises done in a heated room. The class is designed work your body through its full range of motion and develop strength, balance, and flexibility. With regular practice, this yoga series will help you to heal chronic pain, reduce chronic tension, and bring an overall feeling of calm and well-being.

The teachers give step-by-step instructions for all the poses, making this a perfect class for beginners and injured bodies. No yoga experience is required – just do your best and breathe! You’ll start feeling benefits from your very first class.

Additional Offerings

We frequently offer other class styles and workshops which are designed to complement and improve your Bikram yoga classes. Come try something new and see how it affects your yoga practice!


Core and Balance Class

This is a deep strength building class that works through holds and range of motion postures. The class builds strength and alignment throughout the body, but always focusing on how the strength of any part of the body radiates from the core. If you are feeling wobbly in your Bikram yoga class, this may be a great addition to your weekly routine.

This class is currently meets on Sundays from 2:30-3:30pm ($10 drop-in rate) and Mondays from 5-6:30pm (regular rates apply).


Workshops & Special Events

We offer monthly workshops and events to help you learn more about your yoga practice. In the past we’ve held posture clinics, self-myofasical release workshops, Yin yoga retreats, and master classes with visiting guest teachers.

Check out our Workshops and Events page to see what we’ve got planned for you in the next couple of months!