New to Yoga?

Our studio offers heated yoga and fitness classes for every level! We pride ourselves on creating a judgement-free environment where people from all walks of life can come together to take care of themselves.

Beginners are always welcome here - no experience required. We go through our classes at a comfortable pace and explain every move step by step, so that students who are new to yoga can follow along. Our teachers will advise you on how to proceed if you have any difficulties, so that you can get the maximum benefit for your body.

The best way to know if this is "right for you" is to try a few classes and see how you feel! Plan on taking your first 3-5 classes as close together as possible - that will get you through the initial learning curve and help you acclimate to the heat. Stay hydrated, breathe, and embrace the sweat!

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Grab a yoga mat, towel, & water

Due to covid, we are not renting mats at this time. We recommend bringing a large towel that you can place over your yoga mat. Bring plenty of water!

Be ready to sweat.

Wear lightweight clothes that let you move and stretch and come to class fully hydrated. We recommend that you avoid any heavy meals for 2-3 hours before class.

Have a good time!

Don't stress about doing the poses perfectly on your first try! Everyone was new to yoga once. Breathe, have fun, and come back again tomorrow!


Get started with our Warm Welcome deal - one month of classes for $59!

Read about the types of classes that we offer (including heated and non-heated classes)

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Check our class schedule and decide which class you want to take first!