Glenna V.

I’ve been practicing Bikram yoga since 2012. During a two month trek across India, a friend suggested that I should try taking a hot yoga class. (I am a total heat & sun worshipper.) Before then, I’d never been one to gravitate towards a particular exercise routine, so finding this physical outlet was a true blessing. I remember trying a 10 day introduction package and going to class each day. I was amazed at what happened in just those 10 days. I became stronger, more flexible, and happier, but I also gained discipline, focus, peace, and better boundaries with myself and the people around me.

After practicing religiously for two years, I completed the Bikram Spring training in 2014. Since then, I’ve taught in Providence and Bristol & look forward to continue teaching and traveling in the future! I’m also very interested in energy work and alternative healing. In addition to Bikram, I practice Qigong, Reiki, and color// sound healing therapies. I have a small aura photography business called Bright Future. Recently I attended a seminar with Peter Levine on Trauma Healing and Somatic Experiencing at Kripalu.

My favorite part of teaching is watching students transform into happier and healthier versions of themselves. After class, I hope each student can walk away feeling completely radiant, empowered, and equipped for whatever the day holds. It is a powerful + transformative practice and will permeate all facets of your life.