Our Teachers & Team Members

Our friendly teachers will make you feel comfortable in our studio from day one! Everyone here is passionate about their work and excited to share their knowledge with you. Whether you're brand new to yoga or you've been practicing for years, our skilled teachers will help you get what you need out of the class.

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Juliana Olmstead | Studio Owner | Original Hot Yoga | Yin Yoga

Gianna Auger | Providence Studio & Operations Manager | Core Fire Conditioning

Mandy Dion | Wellness Center & Front Desk Manager | Core Fire Conditioning

Stacy Epstein | Bristol Studio & Marketing Manager | Original Hot Yoga | Core Fire Conditioning

Allison Estes | Original Hot Yoga

Ariadne Greenberg | Yin Yoga | All Levels Flow

Brittany Taylor | Original Hot Yoga

Charlene Pratt | Yin Yoga | All Levels Flow

Denise Calise | Original Hot Yoga

Kathleen Seagriff-Chapman | Yoga for Hips & Back

Kelly McCullough | Original Hot Yoga | Intermediate Series

Lynn Weisman | Original Hot Yoga

Rebecca Henriquez | Core Fire Conditioning

Steph Barta | Original Hot Yoga | Intermediate Series

Sunny Shattuck | Original Hot Yoga

Zabi Alejandro | Original Hot Yoga

Abby | Studio Dog