I love coming to the yoga studio! My favorite part of class is getting pets and ear scratches from the yoga students when they come in for class. My favorite posture is savasana. (I practice it all the time and my Mom says that I am getting really good!)

My Dad rescued me from the animal shelter in 2014 when I was 6 years old. (Not sure what I was doing there!) I started learning yoga a few months later when Mom opened her yoga studio. I enjoy peanut butter, tennis balls, long walks, going swimming at the beach, chasing squirrels, taking naps, getting hugs, and smelling everybody’s shoes.

I am really a therapy dog at heart and I always want to make everyone’s day better. If you are ever having a tough day, feel free to sit with me and pet me for a little while before class.

You can catch me at the studio or follow my Instagram account to see what I am up to!