Allyson M.

I started practicing yoga in early 2002. My physical health had recently declined to its worst level. In addition to having scoliosis, a few years earlier, I had survived a car accident and multiple fractures to my pelvis and coccyx. So I was looking for a way to exercise that would be physically and mentally challenging but not put too much strain on my joints.

What I found within a few wondrous months was truly a new body and a new life. I felt as good as I had ever felt, and was able to leave a very unhappy relationship. Already a musician and music teacher, I knew pretty early on that I also wanted to teach and share this life-changing yoga with others. I completed Bikram teacher training in Palm Springs in 2009.

I love so much about practicing and teaching yoga. I love that it is a pursuit wherein we all get to grow and learn compassion for ourselves and others. Each day is an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and to further develop how we can choose to respond to our environment. I love seeing students have breakthroughs. While yoga is a personal practice, I love being on this journey with others. It reminds me that we are not alone.

I hope students get whatever they desire from class, and hopefully, more than they dreamed.