Amie L.

I started practicing Bikram Yoga in the summer of my 21st year of age at Bikram Yoga Downtown Los Angeles in Los Angeles, CA. My roommate at the time suggested we try some “sweaty hot yoga”. Looking to try yoga and lose weight, I said I would give Bikram yoga a try.

Skeptically, I purchased the week package after I was told from the instructor that my only goal was to stay in the room. I figured that could be an attainable goal for me.

I immediately despised it from the beginning of class until the very end when I felt like a worn out tortoise as I left the room. We all agreed we would not go back the next day.

We rethought that reaction and went back because we had already purchased the package. And in reflection I thought, at least I like that one Standing Bow posture, because it was pretty. On the 3rd class, I started somewhat becoming attracted to this class in more ways, as well as fascinated by the magical “after class effect”.

Over the course of 3 months, I lost 30lbs, improved my eating and sleeping habits and reduced mild depression and anxiety. I gradually fell more and more in love with what I was doing for my body, mind and spirit.

One month after practicing, I became a karma yogi at the studio, then moved to Orlando a year after and continued practice at Bikram Yoga Orlando. Due to an immense amount of inspiration from my instructors, I attended Bikram’s Teacher Training in Los Angeles Fall 2012. I wanted to help give students a chance for a better quality of life, similar to what Bikram Yoga did for me. (I also wanted to be barefoot for a living.)

What I enjoy mostly about teaching this yoga is when my students come out of the yoga room with genuine smile, accomplishing sense of relief, and a more confident take on the world around them. I love when my students tell me how Bikram Yoga has transformed their life, much like how it has with mine.

I want my students to have a can-do positive attitude in my class, never give up on themselves and be open to an ass-kicking, kind-hearted, sweaty good time!