Ariadne Greenberg

I’ve been doing yoga so long that it is hard to remember my earliest classes. I remember my mom taking me up some steep steps into the yoga space, how quiet and sunny the room was, and the people in the cotton drawstring pants. I also remember falling asleep in savasana. Well, I had four siblings and lived in the inner city so the quiet and peace was both rare and wonderful.

When I could afford it, I took classes. When I couldn’t, I got books from the library or practiced with Lilias on TV. This was the ’70s, before the yoga boom, so options were more limited then. I took some classes when I was in college, and even then, as a philosophy major, yoga as a philosophical system was always percolating in the background.

In the mid eighties I joined a gym, and of course, gravitated to the yoga program. (I think it was fate that they had it, since not all places did!) Eventually I began to study intensively with and student-teach for the Iyanger trained teacher there. I also trained for, certified in, and started teaching group fitness classes and did graduate work in exercise science. I did residential teacher training at the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara. This was the first time I had heard of vinyasa (unthinkable now). I have continued my habit of taking regular workshops and trainings and classes with as many people as I could afford, though now it is more about time than funds. With marriage, two children, relocation to DC, and a choice to spend some time as a stay at home parent, my path took a lot of turns. I’ve been back teaching part-time for another 10 years now.

My style is eclectic. I try to listen to each student’s words and body and help them find what they need in their practice. Working with the Bikram yoga students in Bristol has been wonderful. The practice that I offer is meant to support and underline the main practice with focused strength and focused energy, neuromuscular, and mental work. And I get the wonderful side benefit of getting to share the Bikram classes as well!