I’m a Bikram baby! I took my first Bikram yoga class in January 2013. I was introduced to yoga while in the Adolescent Unit of Bradley Hospital as a coping skill and from there, on my own. Yoga became a daily practice in 2010 during my “walk-about” through the whole west coast and much of the USA. It helped with the tremendous amount of walking I accomplished in a day. You know, even walking through most of about 43 states with a backpack on my back and no money in my pockets, seemed easier than my first Bikram class.

My first class was terrible. It was hot, it was wet. I was in the front row and nearly killed myself. I was told to sit down by the teacher because I was such a dizzy mess. Thing was, I knew I could do better. I wanted to do better. I could feel the power of this particular practice. I fell in love instantly and participated in a ten day challenge. I did 9 out of 10 but it was amazing. I kept a consistent practice and everything changed for the better.

In September, on the second day of my third year in URI, I was hit by a car while riding my bike back to Providence from a gardening job in Warwick. My bike got stuck to the grill of the car and I flew into the curb face first. I broke my orbital floor and right shoulder. I was out of school. I was out of work. I had an emergency surgery on my face and they sewn my right eyelids together. I felt awful, helpless, and hopeless. So the day after the surgery, I went right in the room. I went in there everyday and did what I could until the stitches came out. I kept going in until each of my doctors appointments said I was alright. I was scheduled for two more surgeries but the doctors cancelled them both.They were amazed at my healing and the fact that I never signed into Physical Therapy.

In January 2014, just a year later, I received a settlement from the accident. With it, I decided to invest and leave school for awhile to join Bikram’s teacher training in Los Angeles Spring 2014. After being certified I traveled about. I lived and taught in State College, PA and New Orleans, LA. Now I am back home and “staying the course!”

I teach how I practice. I emphasize the importance of one’s awareness to their breath. My goal is to guide those taking class, to practice this awareness further into other aspects of their life and become aware of their actions. I invite them to take control of themselves and make life what they want it to be.