Bill F.

Bikram yoga is my favorite of all of the systems I’ve tried for a couple of reasons. I like the mirrors, as difficult as it is at times to look at myself. In my years of Tae Kwon Do training we had mirrors to help us with alignment for technique. Technique is important. Alignment is important.  I like the heat. I like the repetition of the sequence. I can practice anywhere in the world and in any language. To me the practice is more meditative because of the repetition of the dialogue, even though I know what the words are.

My youngest daughter made the intro to yoga. I went to a class in CA with her. It was a hot vinyasa class. When I came home, a colleague said if you like the heat, you should come and try Bikram yoga with me. I went to teacher training in Spring 2016 in India and taught my first class on July 8th.

In class, I hope to help students go beyond their edge whenever they are ready and progress no matter what that means. I want them to feel safe. Prana moves best in a safe environment. I get excited and a bit animated. I want us to all have fun while we work hard.

For the last 3 years before I retired from my first professional career, I added standing head to knee, as one of my goals, to my annual business plan. My senior bosses just kind of rolled their eyes. But, when it was announced I was retiring, they mentioned standing head to knee in the internal memo to all of the group in the northeast! I like the tremendous strength and focus that the posture requires. I have almost 38 years until I’m 100….should have it by then!