Those moments when you are so focused on what you are doing, how you are balancing, how you are breathing, what is contracting, what is stretching, those moments the rest of the world is paused because you are so attached to what you are doing in that moment — the present. Those moments are what I am chasing as a student, what I hope to enable as a teacher.

Yoga has been a tremendous tool for self-investigation and a tool for calming my head and helping me take care of my body. I love the idea that learning to bring my leg behind my head has no actual benefit in my life aside from learning how to open my hips, how to be patient, how to be a student, how to listen to what my mind and body are yelling at me, how to appreciate the slow change of my body and my mind – those ideas keep me coming back to my yoga mat and yoga classes.

I have trained with Bikram Choudhury, Noah Maze, and Emmy Cleaves. I’ve spent years teaching yoga and working with teachers that inspire me in one-way or another. I’m invested in learning more and sharing that with others.