I started practicing Bikram yoga in 2004. At the time I was making a stressful daily commute from Attleboro to Boston, so you can imagine how much the yoga helped my mindset. I also realized right from the start that the heat of Bikram yoga was exactly what my body needed to be able to meet the challenges of the various yoga positions. I enjoyed it so much I completed teacher training in 2006, and taught for a time before changing my life (I couldn’t take the Boston commute anymore) and moving to Newport.

I love living in Newport, but I was too far from a studio where I could teach. Instead I continued to practice Bikram in Cranston with Mary Ann and Donna Nassa and I also practiced hot Vinyasa style yoga.

Then RI Hot Yoga in Bristol opened and I quickly realized it was worth the drive to attend classes here on a regular basis. Shortly thereafter I was suddenly laid off from my full-time job and decided it was time to teach Bikram again — sometimes the universe is trying to tell you something!

So here I am again, teaching the yoga I love. I have benefited so much from practicing yoga, especially learning how to just breathe and remain calm both on and off the mat. It also helps keep me in shape for my other favorite activities, especially tennis, hiking and playing with my three grandsons.

My favorite part of teaching is helping my students get the most out of each class by trying each posture the right way, and best of all I love simply sharing this wonderful practice with others.

See you in the hot room!