I had been practicing Bikram for two years and thought teaching yoga would be a great second job. I had eradicated chronic back pain from a herniated disc I had suffered with for over a decade. I had gone down from a size 14 to a size 6 and felt better about my body than I had ever felt. I no longer had the knee pain I had suffered with since surgery when I was 14. I no longer experienced periods of depression, anxiety or from chronic self doubt. I had a new and positive outlook on life. And despite the fact that I worked as a clinical social worker, I knew that the yoga training would offer me the opportunity to help others heal in a deep and lasting way.

After graduating from the training in June of 2000, I opened Bikram Yoga Stoughton in 2001. We expanded to a new location in 2003, where we served our community in Massachusetts for another 13 years.

17 years later, I am still inspired by this yoga and all who are open to it’s life changing benefits. It is a joy to watch students transform mind, body and spirit through their own determination and hard work and to be a part of this amazing yoga community.