Lynn Weisman

M.A. Holistic Counseling, Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher, RYT

I came to a yoga class seeking a way to heal my body from the aches and pains of having been diagnosed with SLE (Lupus) when I was young. I was searching to find what it was I wanted to do long term, vocationally, and to make better decisions in many areas of my life. (Well… we’ll get into that later!) Life had taken a toll, physically, mentally and emotionally. Sometimes just getting to class was harder than what hurt. I had practiced other styles of yoga and enjoyed all of them, but once I found the Bikram yoga sequence, in that, sometimes glorious, sometimes torturous hot room, I was home. The results were immediate and have continued for the past 17 years. Bikram yoga is a scaffold, not only for healing, but also, for life’s unexpected happenings. I feel good in my body, work in family therapy and am able to use this amazing yoga practice to keep it all together. And sometimes less is more!

Teaching Bikram yoga since 2002 changed my life in so many ways. It has brought me experience, wisdom and love. It is my pleasure and passion to show others the way, because I love what I teach. Every class and every student present a new opportunity for me to gain insight into their journeys, use it to serve others and improve my own practice. I love to bring it all together with compassion, joy and fun!

I have traveled the world, taught, studied and practiced with many master teachers and am grateful to have one of the best jobs in the world. “The inspiration to teach comes from those who love to learn.” Sri K. Pattabhi Jois said, “Practice and all will come.” I believe if you come to class when you can, you will step onto a path to improve, heal or change your life physically, emotionally or mentally. Bikram yoga will support that! Let it change you “from the inside out, bones to the skin.” All you have to do is come to class and practice! Hope to see you in our lovely community!