Diversity & Equity Scholarship

Working to advance diversity and expand our yoga & fitness community. Currently accepting applications for our 2023 CFC training!

2023 CFC Teacher Training Scholarship

We are truly excited to announce that we will be offering two Diversity & Equity Scholarships to our upcoming 2023 Core Fire Conditioning Teacher Training program. These scholarships are available to any BIPOC individuals (black, indigenous, or people of color) who are interested in pursuing a career as a yoga or fitness teacher. 

We’ve created this program because we serve a diverse community of students and we want everyone to feel welcome and included at our yoga studios. In America, the yoga and fitness industry often suffers from a lack of racial diversity. We have witnessed this problem ourselves when seeking qualified staff for our studios. After launching our first Teacher Training programs in 2021, we recognized that we now have an opportunity to address this issue in a proactive and positive way.

It's our hope that this Diversity & Equity Scholarship program will help us to expand our community further and to reach people who might not be included otherwise. To date, we have awarded $3,600 in scholarships to our hot yoga teacher training program. We are very proud of the inclusive and welcoming community that already exists at our studio, but our work is not finished yet!


  • Two Diversity & Equity Scholarships will be awarded for each Rhode Island Hot Yoga Teacher Training program
  • The scholarship will cover 50% of the Teacher Training program cost. 
  • If any scholarship recipients would like assistance cover the remaining training costs, we are happy to share and promote any crowdfunding efforts you may create
  • Scholarship applications for our July CFC program are due by May 31st and recipients will be notified during the first week of June.


  • Any individuals who identify as BIPOC (black, indigenous, or person of color) are invited to apply. Please apply using the scholarship link on *this* page.
  • Applicants must satisfy all the pre-requisite requirements for the relevant teacher training program.
  • Scholarship applicants should have the goal of teaching regularly in a studio environment after graduation from training

Please review all the course information on our current Teacher Training page, including details about course content, schedule, attendance, and graduation requirements. The deposit requirement for scholarship applicants will be reduced by 50%; all other program details will remain the same. 

When you are ready to apply for the program, please apply through the scholarship link on THIS page. The scholarship application supplied here includes the full application for the teacher training course.

July applications due by May 31st. Awardees will be notified in early June.

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